My Hero!

I suggest that all stop responding to this rear end of a “man”.

He has failed repeatedly to respect Home Inspectors.

Nick is wrong to let hem back in AGAIN.

My thoughts exactly. He belongs on everyone’s “ignore” list.

The problem with that is, this will allow him to “sneak around” and take advantage of unsuspecting members. I don’t think we need to engage him, but we should certainly keep an eye on him.

I would sure like to know what Nick was thinking when he made this decision.

Wow! I would never have known. I guess I wasn’t around then.

For anyone who doesn’t know Jeff Pope, he is one of the calmest members Inachi has and rarely speaks ill of anyone. For Jeff to take the stance he has over tedesco being let back in should be quite telling for anyone willfully engaging in conversations with tedesco. you would be wise to ignore him at all costs.


I plan on developing Podcasts, YouTube Clips, and revising my first book. If I knew what was involved I would develop an Ebook. I already posted some videos. I will do most of this for FREE!

Too little, too late Joe. I know where this ends.

It’s absolutely astonishing to me that you would have the audacity to return to this forum after your years of despicable conduct and continual trashing of our industry.

I have never questioned your pedigree, expertize or qualifications, but you have proven - time after time - that you have zero respect for the home-inspection profession, other than to take money from our pockets to line your own.

For the life of me I can’t understand the “logic” (or lack thereof), but you have been given carte blanche by Nick with your free memberships. I can think of many electrical experts who are much more deserving of this consideration.

Spin it however you will Joe, but you will not get my support.

Well put.

Cannot be repeated often enough!

Can’t we all just get along? O:)

You, of all people, should know the answer to that question. :roll::twisted:

BTW… ever notice Tedesco’s poll’s are mostly…

…insight into the person. He just has to know who’s opinion is who’s. Must be ammunition for further arguements.

I don’t agree with any member being aloud to return once they are kicked out. But we have a long history of opening the doors again and now again for them.

But now that Joe T is back and being hammered again for what he has done in the past it is only fair for all to know why he was removed the most recent time.

A INACHI member was openly bashing Joe T on another message board (members of the ESOP did confirm this and saw what was said) which Joe T was blocked from accessing. So Joe T came to this message board to defend himself. It was stated but never proved that Joe T called this guys employer to get him fired so it was all here-say.

The ESOP could not decide in favor of his removal so Joe F stepped in and had him kicked out.

But now that he is back, none of this surprises me and I still feel he should not be back. I feel this way because of all he did to this association when he was kicked out the first time.

But like I said we have a long history of letting people back in so Welcome back again Joe T.

I am only assuming that Nick is no longer consulting with Joe F on who he lets back in. If he did consult with Joe F and Joe F. agreed to let him back again, I would have to ask Joe F what the hell are you thinking?:slight_smile:

So says you.

It was actually a technical glitch when we made NACHI.TV free. People who appeared in previous episodes of NACHI.TV were given free access to NACHI.TV years ago. A couple weeks ago, we made NACHI.TV free to all members and no longer open at all to non-members (why help our members’ competition?). ASHI members had begun sharing a common subscription password. And so now non-members can no longer buy a subscription to NACHI.TV. We we cancelled all non-member accounts and refunded their money. Then we licensed all the content from NACHI.TV and gave it to all InterNACHI members for free. However, to accommodate the non-members who appeared in the past as NACHI.TV guests, and so that we could continue to honor our agreement to give them free access to NACHI.TV, our system made them all invisible student members. Joe T. was one of those people. Because invisible student members have access to our message board (as our message board is an educational tool), Joe T. appears as a member on our message board. Hope that helps explain what happened.

Is the “glitch” being resolved?

Some members have a memory of when InterNACHI was fairly small. Those days are gone. InterNACHI is now enormous from an IT standpoint with operations around the world running millions of lines of code. Not much different than Hal some days: … and I’m Dave.

And perhaps “Student Members” should be listed as such. A “true” student shouldn’t mind, as they may actually get better responses to their questions, with a lot more patience from us vets.

I agree.

That’s right.

What happened to me being on your ignor list?:roll: