my house, my question

I pulled out an old spa from the exterior. The old electric box is now capped off with the old spa motor 30a wires tucked away in it. Can I/how do I install a GFCI outet there? I figured, why waste it, the wires are ran already and I could use an outlet on the patio… Thank you for your help.

If it were me, I would add an exterior box on one side of the spa box for your receptacles (4) and another box on the other side with an outdoor switch for future added lighting, fountain, pond, storage shed or whatever. Do all the wiring at once and put a lock on the spa / new junction box.

Install a WP/TR GFCI receptacle with a wet location in-use style cover. Change the 2P-30 CB to a single pole 20, land the white conductor on the neutral bar.

You’re stuck Mark …you have to buy a new spa, that is all there is to it…You have the outlet …You must have a spa…no exceptions…

Or change the breaker out to a single-pole, GFCI type…

Just be very cautious when you connect solid #10 wire to a receptacle. It is very easy to accidentally place considerable stress on the receptacle body when installing it in the outlet box and damage the receptacle, whether it is a standard duplex or a GFCI.

If in doubt, install a properly sized box and make pigtails to the receptacle, ensuring that you use the appropriate size wire based on the new OCPD you install in the panel for this circuit.

Yes I agree that would work too, but then you would still need to find a listed weather-resistant receptacle. :smiley:

That is what I was wondering about William. The large size wire to a 110 GFCI outlet…

A standard 15 or 20 amp, 120 volt GFCI receptacle will accept #10 conductors. You cold always tail off with smaller conductors based on the size of the OCPD.

Yes, they are indeed rated for #10, but I am certain you are like I and have seen a fair amount of broken receptacles when installers forced the device back into the wall.

It is very difficult for most individuals who have not installed many devices to land #10 solid and get it back into the box with the correct amount of minimum conductor length.