My idea to improve our country and currency.

Give people the option to either pay their tax, or bring it to a government-operated shredding station and have the money shredded.

The latter would provide two benefits:

  1. It would offset the printing the Fed is doing (which debases our currency) and it would strengthen the dollar while preventing inflation.

  2. It would keep the funds out of the hands of the federal government so that they couldn’t harm us with it by funding the public school monopoly, bailing out Wall Street, interfering with our free markets with silliness like Fannie Mae, or hiring more small business-harassing bureaucrats.

Won’t work Nick.

They don’t get enough in tax receipts now to pay what they budget so they borrow it.

We could use the shredded paper for recycling to create cellulose insulation for better energy efficiency. The Gov. could then create some “green jobs” to install the new insulation.

Wanna bet that it would cost more to shred each dollar than it was actually worth?

Foreclosures hit record. This cannot be good. Country of Greece may default. This may cause the Euro to hurt markets worldwide soon.

FedEx reveune doubles, and they layoff 1,700 people. My wife, brothers, daughter, are all working 50, 60 hours per week, so they can keep their jobs. Corporations are reaping the benefits of scare tactics to employees.

Over 3.2 million homes nationwide are in some state of foreclosure.


Was this writen on a bar napkin in the wee hours of the morning? :mrgreen:

I already have some pencils made from shredded dollars…:roll:

Nick, here is a better idea. Vote the bums out of there, cut spending disband the government unions, balance the budget, reduce unemployment benefits to mas 6 months and make anyone who needs additional assistance work for what they receive from the taxpayer.

I was reading a tid-bit the wife had on the screen…

It referenced the City of LA rec’d 111 Million in stimulus money for jobs…

The number created? 55

I guess the purpose of the stimulus was to allow the recipient to KEEP THE PRINCIPAL and HIRE EMPLOYEES only to the extent of WHAT INTEREST bears???

Is that good? My calculator says that’s a lot of fat left, but I don’t know how long the $ /job was supposed to be spread. Even a reasonable job with bene’s, FICA and Health insurance would cost nearly 100K a piece… Still that’s only 5 million, if my math is WAY off, you’re still good for 10+ years for the jobs created, oh wait, if they collected interest it’s almost like free money. Good Job!

My plan would be to use some of our tax money to build Obama a mansion in Dubai, then ship his @ss over there. :slight_smile:

How come no one ever complains when Nick gets political?

I’m just sayin’.

It might be because Nick owns the board.

Do you want the real answer or the politically correct one? :D:D:D

Political views are welcome here.

The comments about the public schools are a reminder to me why I am glad that I choose to home school all my children 20 years ago. It was the best thing I could have ever done for them.

Good for you John, you pioneered the way for many of us. My 3 children (ages 17, 14 and 12) are all home schooled.