My last futbol game. Hopefully.

World Cup final, Snorefest 2014.

I’m just another American who just doesn’t get it. :roll:

I get it… I just don’t care.


And the ref had to look at his watch to see when to end the game. What!!! Really!!!

LOL, Tom, does your TV have only one channel? You can change it.

Mike, I invited a friend over to watch, we turned off the sound about half way through and just chatted, had some beers and looked at you tube videos!
Thought I’d give this soccer thing a try but jeez! :wink:

I actually like soccer, played as a kid, in college, semi pro too…still play. I can see why folks don’t like it. same folks that don’t like a 1-0 hockey game I guess, to me its similar (minus the excessive flopping, even soccer fans hate that stuff)

I find baseball on TV that boring, I like baseball live, or the palyoffs, but no way can I watch all season…