My Latest Video (aerial)

Non-inspection related.

My daughter-in-law grew up on a 7K acre farm on the Kansas / Colorado border. We visited her parents last month during the milo harvest season and I grabbed some footage with my UAV. That’s my daughter-in-law running the combine with my wife co-piloting.

It’s a six minute, 1GB video so you probably don’t want to download on a limited data plan

GREAT piloting Chuck. Super cool.
I just have my open park & field across the lake from my home to fly around in.
Very nice & awesome! :cool:

Nice view…and, music too.

That was awesome Chuck. Thanks for sharing that.

You have lots of talents, good music, awesome scenes. You’re hired!

What are they harvesting?
Great film, have several videos with mine but all are over my house. Fun !


Thanks for the comments guys. This video editing stuff is pretty new to me.

wow good music, great video, now I will just look up milo…

Me too, damn, learn something all the time.

thank you

Wow very cool!

great video. thanks for sharing.

What drone are you using Chuck

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced.

They have recently added some new flight modes to the software. The circle around the house at the beginning was done in point of interest mode (you mark the center of the POI, set altitude, radius and speed, then it’s essentially autopilot for the circle). The rest was all conventional flying.

The native video quality is impressive and the platform is very stable.