My Little Secret....Revealed

Hey Guys-

I may be a little early to release this as my sale is not final but I wanted to let you all know what I have been up to the last year as I have not told anyone online and in the real world except close friends and family.

I have been in the works to take my consulting business nationwide in the form of a new publication/production company under the ESS & The Electrical Guru what am I talking about...

I have aquired production equipment and we have been working on quite a few series of DVD’s involving my electrical knowledge to provide the " Bob Vila " approach to electricity for the DIYer, The Home Inspector and even a series for the electrical industry regarding code and electrical safety.

Basically we are producing a DVD series that will be on going related to the electrical industry, we will be traveling around the country shooting footage of electrical installations for video’s and me as the host and educator as well as shooting alot of DIY series on things like Installing a Ceiling Fan, Installing Track Lighting, How to wire a bathroom…and so many other types of things…

Anyway…we also are also talking to major home and garden centers about a special series as well as certain manufactures about specific product series that my company will produce, edit and distribute.

SO…while my motorcycle accident set me back a bit I can promise you one thing…by the end of 2008 we will have a DVD specific to the Electrical Inspection for Home Inspectors that will be beyond compare…it will be like nothing you have seen before …it will be industry generic meaning it will be endorsed by no one other than The Electrical Guru label…We will also produce a DVD Computer Version that allows for print outs like check lists, inspection guides, tips and charts and so on that will be included with the item and here is the good news…They will be VERY low cost but PACKED with education and important information from inspecting panels to split buss to sizing panels to wire types and well the whole electrical system…

So I just wanted to let you all know my secret…I have been working on it and we have still ALOT of footage to shoot but I had to wait until my leg was back to semi normal so I dont looko GIMPY in the footage…

Details will be released on and a few other non-disclosed sites after the first of the year…but you heard it first…

Congrats Paul, great idea. Looking forward to it.

Sounds good! Good luck with it and your recovery.
Let me know if you need any panels or training boards built.

Awesome, kudos Paul !!

I’m happy for you Paul. I hope your success surpasses your dreams.:smiley:

Great news Paul

can"t wait.
Good luck.

Fantastic…where do I pre-order so I don’t miss out ??? :smiley:

Damn I am going to be able to say I knew you when you only had one green square. Now you are a multinational code authority.

But then I knew Joe Tedesco when he was a road warrior for IEAI. :wink:

Good luck partner, go get’m


What happend to him.


Good luck on your healing process.

I’m looking forward to your home inspector presentation.

Good for you! Good luck and keep us posted on the progress.

congratulations and good luck with the venture!

very nice

Sounds great Paul! Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Good luck in your recovery!

Wonderful, Go for it !! :cool: