My Love Hate Relationship With Technology

How is this blind man supposed to see these thumbnails? No there isn’t a way to make them larger. Screw you google drive

For just a minute there I thought Ted Kaczynski was posting. Charles, you’re a blind inspector? Performing visual inspections? Does your E&O provider know about this?

“Ctrl +” will magnify a web page (html) or “Win +” will magnify the desktop and anything on it. If your ‘blind’ you need braille anyway so what’s the problem.

Sorry guys, not blind just need some reading glasses or something. Post was more about frustration trying new technologies and the lack of features on mobile devices.
This was on my phone :iphone:
I am color blind though.
Well color deficiency. That is.

I know how to get larger picture thumbs on the computer :desktop_computer:.
But thanks for the tip Bob, I always forget about keyboard shortcuts.

As for braille I once asked an actual blind man to teach me. He was reading a advanced braille book. He said this is advanced braille start with basic. So I tried to learn but my fingertips are too calloused to feel . Let’s hope I don’t go blind.

I do relate with the Ted. Besides I just watched Manhunt on Netflix.

That’s an entirely different rant. LOL

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You’re not helping yourself by using google drive from an iPhone. Google Drive has a much better interface on Android than what you show there. Try using iCloud Photos for a better experience on your iPhone.

I often think the two platforms intentionally water down the UX for their competitor’s users. I use several platforms between desktop and mobile devices and there are definitely subtle annoyances when working cross-platform that appear to be strategic.

It’s an android. It’s just weird for me getting used to new technology. I’ll figure something out eventually.

Maybe tablet or ipad, Microsoft surface. Not getting younger