My Membership


Why am I a non member in the Forum section? Yello?


HEY WAYNE! How have ya been? Good to hear from you . :slight_smile:
My search shows you a member but don’t know why the MB stuff.

Logout, clear your browser, Login.

Is it working now? Hey Marc, good to be back I had Cancer last year so been out for about 13 months and just getting back into things.

Wow Wayne I had no clue.
I’m happy you are here & you used the past tense HAD! :smiley:
Call if you need anything.

Great news! welcome back Wayne!! And yes it is working. :lol:

Hey, yes glad to be back. Guess IT had to get involved ,Lisa sent me a message saying she forwarded the issue to them so all is well now. Hope everyone else is doing good too.