My most expensive house to date

Tomorrow is my most expensive house to date. The previous house was a mere $22,000,000 this one is $28,000,000. Is that crazy or what? Looks like we have a LONG day ahead of us…check out the link

Is this a $300 inspection? lol

$275 with a free Radon test

How is it you have two different user names here?

Nice. How many in your team? And do you charge by sq/ft or listing price?

You could spend a day in that place just checking cabinetry hardware. I imagine that is going to take more than a couple of hours.

$199 with free radon & termite until March 31, 2010. How many inspectors will help you? How many hours?

I decided to buy a winter home. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope you guys like my new pad

please, please tell me you’re kidding about your price!

LMAO…yes I am kidding about the price. It is me and two guys as always. We will start at 7 AM and work til about 7pm. So that is 36 man hours.

I charge by the square foot and this is a returning customer, his last house was a mere $5,000,000. People can talk about Beverly Hills all they want. Naples, Florida is a super high end area. The guy buying is a super guy and is very nice. I will make fee and that will be a good days wages. I just love doing the bigger homes, they have so much technology and upgraded items. I am just grateful that he thought enough of us, to use us again…its people like this that you are very happy your in their Roladex…

Nice place. Very nice to get that kind of client. Funny how many of the very wealthy buyers also turn out to be very nice people as well. Good thing there aren’t too many Leona Helmsleys out there.

I did a 16K sf house once (not quite as expensive as this one). It took three inspectors 9 hours to do the inspection, All the next day for me to write the report and three hours for the review with the owner and his new builder the following day The house had problems and was in the midst of a lawsuit and a new builder was taking over (it was the new builder that brought us in). The house had a 1000amp commercial electrical service and about 12 subpanels. :shock:

The big ones are definitely interesting. Good luck with it.

wow what a pad! must be nice to drop that much coin…

Nice looking place. It’s a little different out here. The most expensive place I’ve ever done was a 13,000 acre ranch with three houses (normal size, The buyer was getting it as strictly a hunting property. Took two of us all day but we got to stay overnight and took three antelope, two deer and 5 turkey home with us. Great time and the buyer was a great guy. Liven la vida loca.

You do every inspection with three people?