My neighboring county had the largest increase in employment in the U.S.

It’s really hard to find employees out here (Colorado). Job offers everywhere.

And it’s basically a liberal city, county, state, for the last 50 plus years. Go figure.

I just want to clarify a few things. Nick stated “my neighboring county”. He lives in Boulder county which matches your description above.

The two counties he was talking about are Weld and Adams Counties to the N.E and E of Boulder. Both are working man and rural farm communities. The urban parts of those counties do lean towards being liberal but not the rural. Weld is more of a conservative republican county.

The growth is largely due to the oil industry. The next rankings might be very different since the drop in oil has led to many people getting laid off and many oil rigs idled lately.

As far as the State of Colorado it was more of a conservative state but more recently has been purple to slightly left.

Here is an article about the rankings.

It’s Weld County. Anything but liberal. Anyway, people from my town are going into Weld where they can get a job instantly.

Shhhhhh Mike might be listening.

And now Google is building a campus in Boulder:

We call it the Socialist Republic of Boulder for a reason. It is actually misplaced and is supposed to be a suburb of San Francisco.

Hey I take offense in that statement. Marin county is in the “burbs” of San Francisco and we don’t resemble a socialist republic by any means. In fact progressive conservatives are more likely what you’ll encounter in what is perhaps the highest concentration of wealth in the country…! Call it what you like but I wouldn’t say liberal socialist is a good characterization of California. Both Colorado and California are areas that are surrounded in natural beauty and an abundance of culture.

Any one think it is just where the frigging work is ? Probally nothing to due with conservative or liberal .

I recently read an article how the economy is booming in Colorado.

It’s doing good here also, if you live in SW Ohio and you’re not working, it’s because you don’t want to, jobs are everywhere.

Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about oil or gas rigs sitting idle, because we don’t have any, at least not here in SW OH, although I still like to see them running at full capacity in other parts of the country to keep people employed and to keep the prices down.

Bob, Capitalism works.

Liberalism doesn’t.

That is all.

New pot farms?

All that pot, no one wants to get up and find a job. :slight_smile:

Pot farming would be considered “work”, no?

Unless all your profit “goes up in smoke” :bug:\:D/:|.)

And 35,000 acres surrounded by reality. :wink: That’s why a lot of natives of Boulder moved out years ago.

Yep it is all because of what legalizing marijuana is causing. The State is making Billions :slight_smile:

I may end up out their someday as I love the Country :slight_smile:

I am not a current user but see all the uses the plant has and enjoy the biodiversity of the species.

I’ve never heard it called** that** before :cool:

Weed, hooch, reefer, pot, sh*t, trees, green, dope, smoke, leaf, herb, etc…

Never “country” :mrgreen:

I do like the plant but was reefering to the area :slight_smile: Because it is a wonder plant for it many uses and renew-ability.

It grows like a weed and has a zillion uses.

Seriously it is a great place to visit in the USA and I believe I would enjoy living there year round if I was out in the country :slight_smile: