My new case for my STUFF

Well after lugging around several different cases for thermal scans and investigations, I decided I needed something mobile, heavy duty and big enough to hold my stuff.

I recently bought a Pelican 1560 case with the foam insert (got it for $129 on eBay) so I can build the guts of the case how ever I needed. I still need to add some of my other tools and a little more modifications to get it where I want. I plan on dropping everything about an inch to leave a recessed area for my laptop.

Much easier to lug around and everything I need will be there with me. Plus it’s sturdy as hell, so banging around in elevators and through other high traffic areas doesn’t get me nervous, I was always worried some idiot would plow into me with my other case(s) and that would be all she wrote.

That’s a really cool setup. Everything expensive or important I own goes in a Pelican case. You can sometimes buy these locally at camera stores.

nice setup. Good buy.


My birthday is coming up soon… :slight_smile:
Very nice.

Nice! My camera came with a great case but I can see the use for other things. I like the wheels especially.

Your link says: “This case comes with Pick ‘N Pluck™ foam inside.”

How does that work to make the spot to insert tools?

That’s nice Brian. I need to sit down and cull tools I lug in but don’t use. One good thing about your setup is with a quick glance you know if you are leaving something behind… not that I’ve done that:oops:

Just like it says, you pick and pluck the foam. It’s almost like it’s perforated paper.

Thanks, I have no experience with that.

It’s pretty neat. The huge foam block is sorta prescored in “cubes”. You just pluck out the number of cubes you need removed in the places you need them removed. The cubes stay in tight for the life of the case, unless you purposely pluck them out. Pelican sells a new foam block for inside all their cases in the event you buy a used case or repurpose one of your old cases for something new. Their cases are gasketed too, to be watertight, and the gaskets are also a replacement part. I have gotten big piece of their pick-n-pluck foam to put in old Army surplus ammo cans to store tools in also.

Sounds great…I appreciate you taking the time to help explain about it.
Thank You.:smiley:

very nice

Sorry Larry…I didn’t mean to leave a short explaination last night. I got a call from a renter telling me their power was out. So I had to deal with that. They are foreigners, I had to explain to them that if they don’t pay the power bill, they don’t get power.

Anywho…the pick 'n pluck stuff is pretty neat. The instructions recommend using an electric carving knife to custom fit items. I worked on getting my laptop in the thing this morning. Now I need to get some glue to secure the pieces of foam so they stay in one place.

Pelican cases are pricey but worth every penny. I’ve got a couple I use for dive equipment. Only problem I’ve ever had with them is that the water tight gasket is so good that if the case has been subjected to low atmospheric pressure, like in an airplane hold, that the seal becomes so tight at sea level that you have to pry the lid open to equalize the pressure. Shouldn’t be an issue for this application though.

No problem Brian…I appreciate all the help I can get. :smiley:

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