My New Office

On Site Reports


Hmmm currently working on my books. Wonder what the tax deduction would be for use of office space? Maybe you are on to something!

Now that’s funny Robert!!!

I love it,thanks ! Can I use that photo?

Maybe that is how it is done in Canada, we are a little more streamlined in AZ:p

Robert, you need a new lawyer!

Or, is that him in the photo?

If so, he needs your logo on his jacket, ha, ha, lol :).

Hmmm…plenty of fresh air…a whole lot closer to Starbucks…and potential client visibilty…

What more could one ask for??

I think you’re very inovative and may be setting a whole new industry trend.

Looks like you’re stealing power from the light post there Robert :slight_smile:

Congrats Robert,

You’ve come a long way from the sewers and alleys. :wink: Now if you could only incorporate a “Hot Dog” stand and get a secretary/hot dog server…Perhaps an accordian and secretary/monkey…:smiley: