My New Web Site

Looking for some constructive suggestions. Hope you like it. I still think it needs something but don’t know what yet.

**A piece of mind.

Don’t you mean peace of mind?

******Littler Torch Key,Florida, 33042

Littler Torch Key, Florida 33042

****Warrenty Inspections

Warranty Inspections


Thanks The more eyes that I can get on this before I start trying to promote this the better. because I hate not getting it right.

“a certified NACHI Corporation”

Your company / corporation may be certified by NACHI, but you are not a NACHI corporation

good catch thanks got it fixed.

Great start! Like the top picture in the header.

The other guys have given you the word issues.

Some others:

Tiddy up the fonts, all pages should be the same font and color.

The Pier inspections- Say Dock/Pier and MAKE IT a page by itself. Dock Pier inspections are a stand out and web surfers will only stay for a page or two, if this is important to them then make sure they see it fast- I would put it under inspection and fees.

Best advice is every time you see something wrong FIX it then and don’t let it pile up, log in to your hosting panel and fix it.

Again great start,

Oh some other thoughts

DUMP the INC and president title’s only means something at tax time and litigation.

Your Joe American and Mr Home-buyer doesn’t want to talk to Corporate America, he likes Joe.

Some may differ on this but I have been cooperate America and it means very little in the scheme of life as you travel this road of living.

I will take a look at the fonts and maybe take the BIG INC. out

Not sure what “A Peace of Mind” means.

How about just Peace of Mind.

Under Home Owners it states:

“NACHI certified corporation”

Shouldn’t this read NACHI certified inspector?

Fixed a few of the minor things. made some more adjustments. I think I am finally getting there.

You know I cant find YOUR name anywhere on your site?

"Hi I am Bob Grizzle, and I am a great guy" or something anything but PUT your name on it!

Giving you extra ribbing for no name!!! Kinda like kindergarten extra points for putting your name on your coloring! ( I have one in kindergarten)

Looking good! Always in the upgrading mode, I am doing some to mine today also.



Not sure if this is my monitor, but I have a hard time reading your webpage banner - see below, I actually ran my cursor over the banner to read.

Hope this helps.

It could be the monitor but I want to make sure that no matter if a person has a new monitor or and old one that everyone can read it. thanks I will change it.

I don’t think it’s the monitor - I had the same issue. Try a dark font since the background is so light to begin with.

Changed the Font color to Black. Should be readable now.

I’m a big fan of having contact info in the footer of every page. Make it as easy as possible for them to make the call.

Very readable now . . . you might also look at the blue color used in the large dots instead of black, see how that looks to keep with your theme using shades of blue.