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Check out my new website…

My initial thoughts: you need multiple web sites because you maintain multiple businesses. I don’t think you can effectively cater to all types of customers (boat dock buyers and home inspectors and kitchen upgraders) with one website and do any of it extremely well.

See my signature for my other web page.

Get a phone number on that opening page. Always make it easy for people to do business with you. Starts with a phone number visible no matter where they are on the site.

I agree about a different site for each business. Connected to get SEO boost. Notice my 2 current ones. Plus I’ve another going up for Thermal Imaging. Keep in mind that the typical consumer gets confused easily. You want your web message to be clear and leading to the goal you want. (Usually get them to call you)

Holy webpage batman! That’s one long webpage.

I agree. If you want to advertise your inspection business on your construction site and visa versa…that is fine. But separate the two businesses. The inclusion of inspection in your construction services is confusing. Especially since the inspection gets top billing on services. And get the contact info visible and often. Oh, and do the SEO before you publish. Title, description, keywords in url’s, headings and copy, cities. See Dominics posts on SEO.

Otherwise I like the site. Very clean and simple. Attractive color scheme and clear information generally.

As Chris stated, check out my seo tips. Simple things like a proper page name can make a huge difference

I say…expand your website.

You can never have too much info on your website. Take it from an HI that has massive websites.

Add these to your website: Make a page for each one. Remove the links at the bottom.

Also, check out

Agreed…when I come across a home page that is fill with too much info, I leave. I don’t think you should have to scroll down for 15 minutes to read about what all is offered or services available… it gets too busy, boring and confusing.

Yes you can. Studies have proved it. First time visitors are impatient. Get to the point as quickly as possible or they will leave.

I don’t know where your getting your ridiculous studies, but a lot of content is good. It just depends on how and where it is placed on the website. Trust me. I’ve had hundreds of clients tell me that they chose me due to my website content. And I have tons of content.

Too much content on your home page hurts your SEO as you’re reducing your relevancy for your keywords by flooding the page with other text. Split it up into multiple pages.

I never mentioned front page. I’m referring to the website content alone.

That’s why all my sites are on page one of Google…

Replace word “Dad” with his name.

If you are a Licensed contractor put that on your about page with Lic#s.