My New You Tube Video

Hope everyone enjoys it. I may retire from inspecting and hit the road.:wink:

Bare chested guy playing with wood.

What ever turns you on .

great video Linas…

You may wish to consider integrating some basket weaving as well… since your hitting the road and all. All while tying a cherry stem at the same time, of course.

It beats getting wood from a 100 page report or some stupid phone.:stuck_out_tongue:

I love my phone and intend to marry it someday when politics allows.
People can be cruel .

My Phone shuts up when I tell it to
My phone never complains
My phone gets me where I need to go
My phone makes me money
My sleeps when I say
My phone wakes up and leaves the house when I am ready (not when it is)

I Love my phone.

Thanks Linas, I think I found a new hobby.

ah nothing New Linas Sean and i do that ever day using tooth picks and road Kill. We have a lot of tooth picks around here because . Well thats another story.

Gives new meaning to the term “stick built”.