My niece the painter

I have a niece from Chicago that now lives in Tennessee…(chemical engineer)…didn’t like her job…it kept her away from home too much…has now got a pretty god bus. “painting” houses. Here are a few recent ones.

elisa 3.jpg

Elisa pics.jpg

elisa 2.jpg

Wow! That is excellent. We had a person come in and do some customized painting for us and it looks real good. I think your niece may need to change the title to Designer painting and add it as a supplement to her house painting.
Good stuff,

Thanks Randy…she has a special title for it…i’m not sure what it is…that’s why i quoted “house” painter. She hasn’t taken any special classed…she got the idea working with another woman when she lived in Alabama.

She’s good.
Tell her she’s got to do what makes her happy !! The only reason to get out of bed everyday!