My personal congratulations to Michael Rowan of Inspection Depot.

Michael gallantly fought an overtime-owed class action lawsuit against former sub-contractor inspectors for the past 3 years and today the lawsuit was dismissed by the judge in favor of Michael. Inspectors who are paid as sub-contractors are not entitled to overtime, even if they are using your proprietary inspection reporting software. Landmark case.

He knew it was bs. Congrats Michael

Yep, I got the invitation to be included in that lawsuit and declined. I knew I was a sub contractor and made my own hours. I am still not sold on MR’s tactics though, and will never work for ID again.

Is he involved in litigation often or is my memory bad

Not a bad memory.

If you aren’t catching flak, you aren’t over the target.

Many years ago, when the scumbag, husband and wife-run inspection mini-association based out of Bradenton, Florida sued me, it got me down. Michael would call me to cheer me up. I just hung in there and made them spend out all their money on attorneys for years until they finally went broke. That way, they would have nothing to spend on member benefits. To this day, they have no meaningful member benefits and only a handful of victims, I mean members. When Michael got sued, I knew how depressing it feels, but I encouraged him to hang in there and let them waste their money until he won. And he won. Congratulations Michael.