My plan for jump starting the economy. It will work almost instantly.

Announce that corporate taxes will be 90% this year and 10% next year.

Companies, not wanting to give 90% of their profits to the government, will instead spend all their profits this year on stuff like R&D, hiring people, building inventory, making capital improvements, advertising, etc.

They will spend all their profits this year (instead of giving most of it to the government) to prepare to take their profits next year (when they get to keep most of it).

This instant spending on the front line will cause the economy to boom, nearly overnight.

Crazy enough that it just might work Nick.

How about just giving every tax paying citizen a $100K

One of you is a Republican and one of you is a Democrat. See who can figure out which is which

You forgot independent.

It is a thought…and many companies are short on profit this year and are already promising coming years profits to pay back loans that they are asking for now.

Just keep feeding these corporations Billions.

It’ll work according to the Messiah.

The problem with that is that some 47% of the wage earners pay no taxes.

Soon, it will be over 50%, then watch out.

Every civilization’s decline begins when the masses learn that they can vote themselves bread and circuses.

Welcome to the United Stated of Europe :mrgreen:

Impossible Will as almost every product purchased from electricity to food is taxed. Just another myth.


People are so angry with “corporate america”, I just don’t see the support needed in a plan such as this. Steve Forbes mentioned something similar to this… immediately change tax structure to stimulate economy and actually send a stimulus to households. Relieve fear and bolster spending.

I sure hope all of this spending will do something. Change was promised… good or bad I guess, there will be

I got to agree with you prussell. With the money that our Government has wasted on failing banks,auto makers, they could have given every legal citizen more than $100k each…

If Americans have money to spend then the economy would become stronger.
We all have seen that giving money to the banks isn’t the way to go…

I lost 3 inspections last week because the clients loan fell through because the banks didn’t want to lend any money… But isn’t that the reason the Government gave the banks the money in the first place,to lend out to consumers…

All 3 clients had good credit and could afford the payments but couldn’t get a loan…

Please do the math.

$100K x 300 million = $30 Trillion.

And the government can’t “give” money without first taking it from someone else.

They could if they gave it to legal tax paying citizens… 300 million people are in the U.S not all of them are LEGAL and not all pay taxes

:roll::roll:OK then. You do the math this time.

Multiply what you think is the actual number legal citizens by the $100K and tell me what you get.:roll::roll:

-40% for the conservatives because they will not take any money without earning it

Sorry for my lack of clarity.

47% of the citizenry pay no Federal Income Taxes.

And with the new tax laws, looks like about 30% of the people are not going to be paying (at least not in full) theur portion of the Fica payroll tax.

Hope this clarifies.