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asking why my posts dont get posted, gets posted, but this does not:

roof coating

My roof is leaking. No one including roofing contractors can find the leaks. Otherwise 4 point insur inspection said it has 10 year life left. Im considering coating it. Ive talked to many ppl who have and recommend it. A few others who dont. Its not too popular a choice, so i wonder why. I cant afford a new roof now.

Have any of you inspected a roof that was coated to stop leaks. If so, Id like your thoughts, based upon your observations.


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gee, i replied several times, but those replies not getting posted either. lets see if this one does. My other replies restated my question for inspectors and did not get posted. This reply does not have my original question, so i kinda suspect that it will get posted.


You are wondering about roof coatings? I have read some about them but not inspected a home where it has been applied. It is suspicious that several roofing contractors can not find out where the leak originates. Have you tried thermal imaging during a rain? You also mention 4point so I suspect you are in Florida. Have you tried to have a home inspector try to determine origin?

Do not do a coating in order to stop leaks.

Hire a seasoned inspector to evaluate it, I like Jeff’s idea about IR during rain too.

tks. I need a new roof. I posted pics to other sites and im told my roof is 'toast". Im thinking of metal.

which metal types the best? From what you see during inspections, can you recommend a specific type?

why are they the best?

“best” can be subjective to the purchaser. There are many companies that make metal roofing components. It is better to do your own evaluation of the products and make your own determination which product you want to use.

your right, but having no knowledge, makes it hard. I have been reading and have learned much, but I feel that I dont know enough to choose. Nothing beets experience. I will call and get some estimates soon, these roofers that i call may have experience, but they are not impartial. They are biased by the fact that they want a job.