My Props To EMSL

OK so I have tried a few different labs before over the years. I also have listened to many here and their experiences with a few different labs. So a few years ago I tried out EMSL.

All I can say is these guys rock. I get very fair/competitive pricing for the volume I do. I get great customer service from my own personal Rep. The best thing is that they happen to have one of their Labs 20 mins from me. This allows me to drop off all my samples the day I take them. But more than that I get to talk to the techs and get all kinds of invaluable info, tipe, education and any help I need from them live and in person.

OK so what prompted me to write this post was all of the above and todays experience. OK so I had another mold test this morning. Right after the last sample I was packing up and I dropped my pump…:frowning:
The rotameter cracked and smashed into pieces.

OK so I was 15 mins away from EMSL so I drove over to drop off the samples and also have them take a look at y smashed baby. Immediately they put me at ease as I told them I have 3 jobs set up for the weekend. They gave me a loaner pump and also ordered me the part I broke from their main warehouse overnight. They will have my pump fixed as good as new by Monday when I drop off a bunch of weekend samples.

These guys are a class act. If anyone ever needs the name and number of a Great Rep there, hit me up.

Thanks to EMSL.


Nice! (But I already knew that about them).

I would also agree with the both of you but then there would be three of us wrong???:wink:

LOL, Hey, I am just giving the opinion of an old fart Inspector…LOL;)


I met their rep at the convention, I will be switching to them with my next order.

Nice to hear John. I first learned about them about 4 years ago here on the board. tried them out, and never went back. Of course the free extra training I get from going to the lab a few times a week is an added bonus…:wink:


I wuz just being a smart alec don’t know much about them I have used quantem Labs for years great turn around time good prices so no reason to swap. When something is working don’t mess with it:D

I totally agree with you Charley, If it aint broke, don’t fix it…

in my early mold days 5-6 years ago my labs were broke…LOL… EMSL fixed that for me.:wink:


Jim, email me this guys info please

Sent. :cool:


Great guys at EMSL! We are switching to them. Had an awesome dinner with them on Monday night in Vegas at a place I never would have thought going to and am looking forward to doing business with them.

You’ll be happy that you made the switch, they’re really great people over there and know what they’re doing I have never had any issues with them the results pricing etc. at all.


Follow up. OK so Yesterday I stop by EMSL, and my pump is all fixed up and ready to go. They got the part, and replaced the broken part for me and tested it all out. I am telling you they rock.

Also I got another tour of the whole place and some more great tips on sampling methods and also reporting on such. I love these guys, they have helped me increase my bottom line and offer another valuable service to my clients.


John, who have you been using?