My Real Estate Court Case- Round 1

Hey guys…remember my court date where I am contesting that I don’t owe commissions and Steve said I would lose…GUESS WHAT…I WON…This will change real estate agreements in my area. Now they will appeal I am sure…but I am ready!

Congrats Paul!

Thanks fella…we never give up the fight for what’s right!

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Paul, good one Buddy. :smiley:

Oh great. Crow burgers for lunch…:roll: Congrats Paul.

Hey…as long as it is Burgers fella. They still have an appeal so who knows fella…you could be right just yet…but I will fight it!

Good for Paul there are not enough who fight for what they feel is correct.
This could be the start of some thing new .
Congratulations and thanks for the upgrade… Roy

You got upgraded???

All I got was this stinkin’ tee shirt!!!


lol…that was my version of a Heavy Up !

UPDATE : As you all may know I won my battle with the real estate agent and broker only to end up having it appealed for Round 2. Well here is the latest…the case is done and over and we reached a settlement. The agent and the attorney agreed that they would probably loose due to contract law…they asked me to appeal to my heart and consider the efforts of the agent in these hard times. I thought about it and told them the amount I would give them…and it was WELL less than they wanted…but they accepted it and the case was closed.

My only regret is that I should have taken the appeal to the end as it would have changed the laws in the state of virginia…but I am no rebel…just a guy who wanted to move on with life, get with my family again and put these issues to rest…so it is over now…finally.

Congrat’s Paul. Happy you reached an outcome **you **are happy with.

The agent that was suing you? For real? They asked you this?

Of course the attorney asked. 30% of anything is better than 30% of 0. Congrats Paul. Back to my kitchen now. Not sure if I have all the ingredients for crow pie… :mrgreen: