My response to NACHI critics who say our pace is too fast, by Anne Frank.

*How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. *

Anne Frank

It is my favorite quote.

Anne Frank was a wonderful example to us all.

This, Nick’s most famous quote. “just do it.”

Just go ahead.

Just do what you propose.

Just do it. You don’t need any help. You can do it on your own.

If you are proposing something to me that I have to do, you haven’t completly thought it out.

Your idea is your idea. You have to form it, shape it, work at it (long and hard!), create it and nurture it, make it grow. It’s yours, after all. Do you believe in it? Are you willing to put in the work, brow sweat and money it takes to make your idea into a blessing for many others?

OR, do you just want to hand over a half-baked concept and have someone else do all the work and hand over all the money? Do you just want to be the ‘Big Guy’, who ‘foretold’ the concept, but didn’t help the actual workers, the grunts, do all the work and then jump in and take all the credit?

Great ideas are like children.

You have to work, stay up late, deal with a great deal of ‘rectal waste material’ and pay the price.

If you are a good, consistant worker, who is willing to suffer and actually do the work, your idea may, just may, work out and produce something that is of use and profit to your fellows.

Just to be clear.