My rights? Inspectors?

Hi i live in California. We just got solar panel installed. The inspector is going to come by to make sure everything is ok with the installation. But for some reason he also wants to come in and check all the fire alarms inside my house in every room. We do not rent and this is my home i have been living in for the past 15 years. Is this normal procedures for the inspector to check to my fire alarm’s in my home. Due to the solar panel installation. Before i tell him No nicely. I want to get my facts and rights straight. Thank you.

Part of the Permit process it to insure life safety, so YUP, comply (and install smoke detectors where required) or NO Permit.

Part of the Permit process it to insure life safety? What permit process? for the solar panels. I am going over the contract right now. I am not renting. I have been living here for 15 years. It just sounds odd why, he would want to check my smoke alarms. My smoke alarams are fine. I just checked them.

California being, well, California, may have included a provision to check certain other items when a new permit is pulled for other items in order to get a Certificate of Occupancy (which basically okays and closes the permit for which it was pulled or applied for) for the permit application.

You say your smoke alarms are fine, don’t worry about it.

You have modified the electrical system of the home. You DID apply for the necessary permits, RIGHT? You need to be asking THEM these questions. We have ZERO information. Heck, every Country, State, County, City etc. has their own rules, laws and ordinances. What are yours? My reply was a generic one based in my opinion as to where the concern is founded without any useful information from yourself. Good luck to you.

You need to contact the authority in your jurisdiction of California to obtain the correct info. As Larry and Jeff have stated if you have nothing to worry about what’s the big deal. In fact the inspector may find a serious safety defect that could save your family’s lives.

"A H J " - authority having jurisdiction. Your local AHJ should have all the info you need. Good luck.

there may be an issue with smoke detectors in a solar system. they may just want to verify that the smoke detectors also have a battery backup.

Last person that I heard didn’t have working smoke detectors just buried his 7 children. Someone making sure you have working smoke detectors is doing you a favor not violating your rights. Smoke detectors save lives, the next one could be yours.

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