My Safe Florida Home Inspectors Getting Paid

What a disaster. I performed 19 inspection in the time period May 24 thru June 23. My provider JVI sent me an e-mail saying they only had a check for 2 inspections. I know another person who was shorted 6 inspections. This program is a disaster. They have changed the program so only a few areas are able to get the $5000.00 grant. They required all of us inspector get all this special insurence etc,. What have I gotten for this in Orange, Osceola Seminole area is a grand total of 19 inspections and I cannot get paid for them. Please e-mail me if your having problems getting paid by your provider in the My Safe Florida Program. Time to go to the press.

You aren’t alone.


You did the inspections for the contractor – You could care less if Florida pays them

They owe you the $$ - Take them to small claims court on each one of them - one inspection at a time – all separate claims

Also report them to the state – in all likely hood they have been paid and are sitting on your $$

Just a gut feeling - but I would put odds on it

Get on the phone to the state


I have not had any real problems so far. I have only 3 inspections from the first 2 pay periods unpaid (I carred out around 150) I have now sorted out these outstanding inspections with my WCE.


Do not understand

What is WCE??

Are you saying that you are not in trouble yet??


WCE are the companys that carry out the inspections ie Skytec, FRPA, Ameriapro, JVI etc
Yes I am saying I am not in trouble yet I have made a lot of $ though this program

Which company do you work for?

Hello Gary,

Did have any luck with your unpaid MSF inspections?

no. hell no

Hello Gary,

Did all your unpaid inspections get sorted in this weeks payment from the state?

How many have you done in total now?

no. Have not heard anything yet. I only did 19. I chose JVI unfortunately who does not have anymore in this area. If you were not willing to go up north to do Q & A, you are **** out of luck.

I know we have paid this week. I should get my payment in a couple of days. Hopfully you should also be paid at the same time

Let me know when you get paid.

The check is in the post. I just do not know how much for until it gets here.

If I do not get the full amount of payment for inspections done in May and the first 2 weeks of June then I will file a lien against the state of florida and then send out a press release stating so.

Gary I dont think you can sue the state as you have no contract with them. You can only take action against JVI. We where paid yesterday I was a few inspections short but that could be due to the cut of date. My WCE may not have submitted them to the state in time for this check run.
I’m sure there are people who could advise you better on the law but I think you will throwing your money away if you go after the state as you do not work for them you work for JVI.

Hi Carl,

How are the inspections going? Are you still getting a lot of them or have the numbers dried up?

Others have told me they are drying up

Hello Greg,

They have slowed up. I may go a couple of weeks with out any. That said I have still completed 38 this month which is not to bad.

I have also had my best month in a long time on the home inspections as well.

Good for you Carl.