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Please disregard.


The post or the program?:smiley:

I think the program…

I think Greg’s post about the program sums it up succinctly! :smiley:

They are gearing up again for proposal from the WCE’s. They want the stupid 1,000,000 auto Libility. I am going to sit this one out.

Gary the reason for the 1,000,000 auto libility is because the state was sued for that amount a few years back. I do not know the in’s and out’s of what happened.

I will try and get back on the program $90 per inspection is a lot more than some NACHI members are charging for doing a wind inspection.

I was not on the kiss-butt list with JVI so I only got 19 inspection. It was not worth the cost I put out

You got 19 more than I did after jumping through my grommet getting everything together for them. It never did materialize up our way.