My secret to more roof inspections

Trust the cushion! :smiley:

Snapshot 3 (10-6-2011 6-47 PM).jpg

Looks rather steep, Sean----:roll:----:ouch:—:lol:

8 or 9/12 pitch No problem with a cushion and some young foolishness. Not recommended for older plump Canadians that also frequent the area. :mrgreen:

Till you slip and fall , I be sure to visit you , You have heard the story of the old Bull and young bull have you not?

I have used those in my construction career. They stick like glue to the roof. Saved my butt a few times.

Great idea. May have to go buy one now.

Don’t buy one it will cost you a fortune. The price of foam is stupid. Go to the dump or when you pass an old couch snatch one out.

And your right you do stick like glue. I use it on half my roofs. :cool:

Wasn’t the old bull the one who needed viagra? :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting Down is the tough part----:stuck_out_tongue:

He carries a piece of slick plastic in his pocket to stick under the foam for getting down.

You can also talk to an upholstery shop. They’ve always got some laying around…not that I would do it. lol I’m not that brave :wink:

No, the young bull actually hurt himself because he jammed it in wrong on the first cow.

Wait until he inspects a school; the kids will be cheering for him to fall off the roof.

These are fantastic if you’re going to walk roofs. well worth the money

cougar paws.jpg

Do I have to go to Bed Bath & Beyond for 1 of those? :stuck_out_tongue:
I might have to give it a try.

Do not forget to check for bed bugs first love those bargains lolol:eek:

For your information seeing you know all about Viagra, you may want to check this out before the next Video

Around here in Port St. Lucie, FL you can’t drive more than a couple of blocks b4 seeing an old couch curbside in front of a 4clsr.



First I’ve heard of this.
So… you climb up on the roof with your couch cushion, and you start to climb the roof.
If I push my luck on a steep roof, which I do sometimes because I feel confident and know my limits, I climb the valley or if there is none I hold onto the rake going hand over hand grasping the roof edge until I reach the peak. Sometimes I use skylights and chimneys for handholds if I go up the field instead of the edge. I never use stack vents, If I start to slide I want something solid to grab.
So if you start to slide you sit on your cushion? Seems like those of you who’ve tried it are enthusiastic, but it also seems like one of those things that might take some experimenting to find the limits.
I feel like if my climbing skills using handholds can’t keep me safe I don’t want to depend on friction climbing using a carried piece of foam as my only connection to the roof. JMHO

To each his own!
Even though my mentor taught me how to inspect a roof with binoculars, I prefer to walk off every roof I can walk on.