My son was elected to the Order of the Arrow.

Proud Dad :slight_smile: .

Congratulations to him. That is an esteemed honor.

Hey Nick, excuse my ignorance, but whats the order of the arrow?

Glad for Nick and fammily .
When I am not sure I go to my helper Google and ususlly get the answer . Here is todays helper .

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Roy Cooke

Thanks Roy. Only daughters in my family.
Congrats Nick-I’d be proud, too.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Very impressive!

Congrats Nick-

Scouting is a great thing. My son is currently stationed in Iraq and has commented frequently that his Scout training has served him well in the Army.

Congrats Nick to you and your son, I am also an AO memeber and Eagle Scout it is one of life’s first great achievements, glad to hear you supporting scouting!

congratulations nick!!!



Way to go Nick Jr.

I had the opportunity to meet this fine outstanding young man. Even without this award Nick should be, and is, one proud father.

I am a maladroit and need all the help I can get Google is top of my favorites listed as AAA so I can find it easy.
Glad to give what little help I can .
Roy Cooke

Congrats Nick!

His next step will be Brotherhood, then the Ultimate Vigil. You should be VERY proud. Only a select few ever get the chance to be inducted.

From one AO to another, I say congrats!

Congrats Nick. My son and I are both OA members.

Congratulations Nick; I am a member of OA, which is a life time membership/brotherhood, almost like what NACHI stands for.

Please keep supporting him all the way Eagle Scout, I made to Life and then I became interested in girls and that was the end of boy scouts.

I was so close and have regretted it till this day

Way to go Papa and Jr.

I am a Merit badge counselor for a local troop.

Congrats from yet another member of “OA” & an “Eagle Scout”. My troop had great adult leaders… I was #5 in my troop to reach the rank of Eagle.

By the way what is your sons rank now Nick?

Compaired to most troops out there at the time we looked undisciplined but put us in any competition or serious situation and you saw a fine oiled machine at work. When we made a mistake it looked like we did it on purpose, with purpose.

The good ol’ days… OK, I’m not that old. But, the FAYGO song came to mind, “Remember” (that’s the name of the song, “Remember”)

Congrats from yet another OA member (Brotherhood)

An honor to be very proud of.

Man that brings back memories of Tap-outs and ceremonies (ordeals)!

Some very found memories and lifelong friendships to look forward to.

Peter Russell and I must have been on the same training track. Am also an OA and made it to Life, then life caught up and I couldn’t pursue Boy Scouts any further. Learned many lifelong lessons that still surface. Congrats to you and yours.

Me too. Life has a habit of catching up fast in the late teen years. OA was a life changing experience for me. Congratulations to Nick jr.