My son was in the newspaper today. :slight_smile:


Congrats Nick.

Congratulations, Nick.

Nickolai must be one hell of a proud individual.

Wow! Congratulations Nick. I’m exhausted just reading about all that activity!:shock:

What is it with Kids, today. Where are all the low achievers of our generation? :mrgreen:

They’re out there on the street corners…

As I was dropping out of high school in the 70’s… now remember, this is all PRE internet, PRE personal PC (not even Commodore 64s) in hillbilly country, so boys were not taught to type, my Mom told me “If you are going to drop out then I’m at least going to teach you to type, it’s all I know to teach you.” She made my type her a page every day on her typewriter. I had to type it using the correct fingers. Each day I would say to myself “This sure is bulls#it. I’m never going to get a job in a typing pool” (a term you younger fellas might not be familiar with). Anyway, a couple decades later and Al Gore sits down one night and invents the internet. And here I am able to knock out 60 wpm. Thanks Mom!

Not only did he invent (create) the internet, he performed all sorts of feats…

Top Ten Other Achievements Claimed By Al Gore

  1. Was first human to grow an opposable thumb

  2. Only man in world to sleep with someone named “Tipper”

  3. Current Vice President - Moesha fan club

  4. He invented the dog

  5. While riding bicycle one day, accidentally invented the orgasm

  6. Pulled U.S. out of early 90’s recession by personally buying 6,000 T-shirts

  7. Starred in CBS situation comedy with Juan Valdez, “Juan for Al, Al for Juan”

  8. Was inspiration for Ozzy Osborne song “Crazy Train”

  9. Came up with popular catchphrase “Don’t go there, girlfriend”

  10. Gave mankind fire

He’s the man…