My son's band opened the Global Warming Expo.

Nice Nick, a star is born. :slight_smile:

You should feel proud.

that was great Nick …how come no Nachi t shirt???..proud papa moment for sure…

No shoes… no NACHI.TV shirt.

lol…you’re gonna have that…

A wonderful video. All three very talented.

that was my career choice…wait i’m an inspector what happened?

Great video!!

People with talent… )Okay Nick, where did he get it?

Thanks for sharing:)

Global warming??? I WISH!!! Hasn’t gotten out of single digits here yet this week!!


Great Nick, thanks for sharing!!

WOW, what a great video . . . and what a great gig!

Congrats, Nick.

A talented son you’ve got there.


Daddy Nick has done a great job and Nickolai will blaze his own trail

This young man has more going on for himself and the head to handle it responsibly

Little known fact is he could probably attend any of the higher learning establishments in North America yet chooses to be an extraordinary behind the scenes element in the family business

We all should send out a BIG THANK YOU for all of his efforts

Funny thing is the audio from his performance is right now playing in the background as I’m typing this on

let him know Dallas, represents!

Nice link Barry. Good for the soul.


Very nice speach!
To protect our environment becomes more and more important in the future - I think it is a great path to go for a young talented man like your son.

awesome, you must be very proud

That was wonderful Nick!!! You must be so proud of him!!!:smiley: Thank you for sharing it with all of us!