My Thoughts on... SB396

First I would like to thank FL NACHI for hosting this meeting and getting Mr. Wayne Bertsch to speak with us.

Mr. Bertsch took time to explain to the group that there is political legislation taking place where deals & compromises happened… and he thought that he hammered out the best deal he could for for all Florida Home inspectors.

In a nutshell we win having the “Contractor Repair Clause” removed as long as we are agreeable to…

  1. Grandfathering Period extended to July-2011
  2. All Division 1, Municipal Building Inspectors and ICC Certificate holders get licensing by endorsement

Ok, now my thoughts, I think that this is far too big a price for our profession to bear because the public will be deceived into thinking that they are somehow benefiting from a licensing act, when in fact it means that these newly licensed home inspectors will be operating under a license which has no standards of practice attached.

My good friend Jim Bushart coined the term “Licensing solves nothing” and up to now I have agreed, but what is happening today is far worse than simply “nothing”, what we are witnessing is a wholesale lowering of the bar for Florida Home inspectors by allowing licensed home inspectors to operate under no rules whatsoever for possibly two more years.

That being said… I hope that over the weekend we can with one NACHI voice rally the Florida membership into contacting their Representatives and the newly elected Governor to this travesty and KILL SB396.

I am proud that it appears our Founder and ED Nick Gromicko feels the same way about extending the Grandfathering clause.

I agree, Joe.

By extending grandfathering for another year, the damage already caused by allowing people with no experience at all in home inspections to be licensed will be compounded by such a degree that irreparable damage to the industry will be so severe that national attention brought to it can be harmful to all of us…everywhere.

In other words, the dumbing down of our profession in Florida will be taken to a level below “retardation” to such a degree that it can soon become the subject of national news magazines.

We don’t need that and we all have a stake in this.

Nick Gromicko represents the most populated national association in Florida…as well as the largest association of home inspectors in the United States. He needs to immediately act to preserve our entire profession from further harm.

Let the General Contractors fix what they inspect. Who in the world calls a “general contractor” to fix their plumbing, anyway?

What can those of us outside the state do to help you kill this bill, Joe?

Hi Jim,

I really don’t know about killing this particular bill, but how about ending home inspector licensing in Florida forever? Are you ready for a plan that can that has potential but requires a little bit of work? :-k

The other thing (Wayne Bertsch) FL NACHI lobbyist told us is the state is looking into repealing more than 40 state licenses due to fiscal restrictions instituted by our newly elected Governor Rick Scott.

Meet Florida House Representative James Grant.

Phone: (850) 488-0275

Representative Grant just two days ago introduced House Bill HB-4171 Mold-Related Services

We should contact Representative Grant and ask him to add home inspectors to the bill and repeal both mold & home inspectors in one fell swoop.

Ya know, today was the first day I met Joe Burkeson. My picture of him was a middle aged guy, ready to name names and kick and butt, the lover of KAOS and a man who does not mix his words and speaks his mind.

Well, I’ll be damned I was spot on!

Great guy with much to offer the industry. I am telling you especially New Mexico, if you guys are about to go through this. GET PREPARED, its a cluster and a 1/2!

Just to clarify Grandfathering will be extended until July 2012.

They have no idea when we will have a SOP.

I wish that I could sell a piece of paper for hundreds of thousands of dollars and then make the paper useless.

[quote=“jbushart, post:2, topic:56815”]

Let the General Contractors fix what they inspect. Who in the world calls a “general contractor” to fix their plumbing, anyway?

We agree again. :smiley:

We agree again. :smiley:

Looks like Jim Bushart and Michael Meeker are damn near twins!

I think that extending grandfathering for another year will cause more damage to the profession than allowing repairs ever would.

Extending grand fathering gives DBPR another year to come up with the rules and an SOP and to approve CE courses. It does nothing for us or the license.


Give the man a cigar. Those are my thoughts exactly.

DBPR it at a lost. Lots of clowns working with TAX payer’s money and wasting the time and other people’s money. They all should be fire!! They made lots of people spend thousands of $$ for nothing. The same is happening with the bull-***** of mold assessors. It is time to get rid of all these idiots. Talk, talk and no walk!! State government workers are useless! What a bunch of loosers!!!

I plan on visiting his office on Monday.

Is the 2012 extension going to apply to mold license. (if its not abolished altogether) ?

John I put my application in the mail on Friday, was able to view the progress on Tue. and it was complete and license issued today. That is not the work of lazy idiots!
We are all p>ssed off about the state screw ups…lets not take it out on the people doing the work though.:nachi:

No offense intended

At this time no. It only applies to the home inspector license.

This is very sad for our industry…

This has a good chance of getting repealed entirely, which I would most definitely be in favor of.

It’s time to march on Tallahassee.
Sorry I was not at the meeting, I screwed up and input the wrong date on my calendar. I am pretty po’d with myself.

good meeting lot of info i did not know

we need to be informed of all this