My toilet won't flush

My toilet won’t flush with enough force to even flush a cigarrette butt down. So far I’ve replaced the flushing mechanisim twice, and taken the whole toilet off. I’ve also checked out the line to the sewer. Everything is fine. What could be causing this? I have another toilet in the house and it flushes just fine.

Perhaps you have a hard water build up or obstuction in the jet(s) that fill the bowl during a flush. Try pouring a bucket of water in the bowl to see if it flushes normally them.

I didn’t mention it, but I did chip out the hard water deposits when I took the toilet off. I just dumped a bucket of water in the toilet. It was the same results as when I normally flush it. It just sloshes around and slowly drains. It doesn’t make much of a “whirlpool”.

The toilet contains a passage way the is S shaped.
It’s unlikely you were able to clean it for it’s entire length.
If this is the highest use toilet in the house it may be time for a new one. Good luck.

Call a plumber

Or call Brian when he’s in a better mood.:wink:

My mood is fine than you very much. If one has plumbing problems, one would be prudent to call a plumber. :cool:

Be nice BK

The toilet is in the old part of the house. So it’s likely it’s about 30 yrs old. It’s probably time to replace it. It would be cheaper for me to do that first. Besides it’s win/win. We want to change the bathroom anyway.

As far as the “Call a plumber” post. I wasn’t offended. It’s what I was about ready to do before I posted here. This was my last attempt to figure it out. But It makes sense about the build up in the S shaped drain. I’m going to replace the toilet.

Come back and visit often we generally try very hard to be helpfull.

If it is a 30 year old house Charley, it could be more than a blocked toilet. :smiley:

What you are describing tells me someone dropped a hard object down the toilet.
I bet If you snake the thing with a toilet auger it corrects the problem.
Have you got kids?
It could be something as simple as a tooth brush.Go by one at the hard ware store as they are cheap.

Exactly ,Same thing twice one was a tooth brush , the other was a little kids plastic cup .
I use a metal coat hanger both times and good as new .
… Cookie

One other thing to consider, since that part of the house is 30 years old, would be to take a close look at the venting or lack of thereof.

May I suggest that you quit eating cigarette butts. The proper way to dispose of cigarette butts is to snuff them out in an ashtray.:roll: :roll:

you can also put 2 gallons of vinegar in the toilet. Let it sit for 2 days, it will clean out just about everything in the S drain it touches.

Its cheap and it works.



Make sure you use RIDEX a couple days later…if you have a septic tank…public don’t worry about it.

There was a post floating around here about this problem and how to try to fix it with acid.

I have one of those too, but I have not tried to fix it.

You have to block the vents under the rim before adding acid.


Dave …you are speaking of hydrocloric acid and I would never recomend that to anyone.
If it mixes with other chemicals the guy and his family will be found dead the next morning.
Vinagar is a much safer alternative as it dissolves soap.
In a toilet rodding is the only solution.

There is a hole in the front of the toilet on the inside near the bottom. On an inspection one day a toilet was not draining properly. As I was noting it my client (the buyer) pulled a small childrens toy out of the small hole…We then tested the toilet again and Swooooooosh…Problem solved…


I agree with my fellow inspector Brian K. call a plumber,however if you are handy than just buy a new toilet and install it yourself. Use this link to read how to.