My town legalized weed today.

So how did you celebrate? :smiley:

The mayor looks all of 20 years old. Elected by a town full of idiots.

Sorry…I forgot you live there!

Excerpt from the Daily Camera story:

“Town Clerk Christi Icenogle said turn-out was high [], with 482 people out of a population of a little more than 1,300 people voting.”

Did you catch this part? - “Town Clerk Christi Icenogle said turn-out was high” :smiley:

Good deal for the pest control business since there is certainly going to be an increase in the number of roaches to be found in Nederland.

So Nick, did you wait until 420 to vote? :wink:

The photo of the lady in the article seems unusually happy.

I bet the population grows on the weekend

I’ll bet the general physical & mental health of those living in Nederland improves along with a thriving local economy. :wink:

So, where is the InterNACHI convention going to be held?

Could be a good time to open up a store stocked with nuttin but munchies.

On a serious note, the local law fails to negate Federal statute prohibiting marijuana.

I have a feeling that the town is made up of Republicans that are saying screw the federal government. Who knows, next they might have an election to secede from the union.

Well, at least libertarians. :smiley:

The funny thing is if libertarians did find a home they wouldn’t let joey visit.

Even they have standards.

Joe Farsetta writes:

On an even more serious note, the powers of the Federal government are defined in the Constitution and are very, very few. Telling the people of Nederland that it is not OK to smoke weed, but fine to drink the far more dangerous alcohol… is not one of them.


I am sure that, after hearing this explanation, the Federal magistrate will simply throw an arrest out and dismiss all charges.:roll:

I should have thought of that:mrgreen:

Nick…I think you need to open a window, eat a box of Twinkies, and think about this, again.:D:D

As many cities and states are snubbing the feds when it comes to weed I see legalization on a national scale soon. The reason? The feds are starting to see the potential for more money by legalizing/taxing than by clogging the jails with non-violent law breakers.