My Vacation

I had the opportunity to take a vacation this Xmas. (First one in 5 years)

It was a great time.

Had Dinner with Dominic from Home Inspector Pro and his beautiful wife Charlie

Meet up with nachi member Jeff Pope. Jeff is a busy guy and glad I could catch him between inspections.

Played 18 holes of golf.

Went to Staples arena to see the Lakers/Sixers game and my 10 year old was picked to sit on the bench and hi five the players. Awesome!!

Went to the San Diego zoo. Only day it rained but it keep the crowds down.

Went to my nieces house.

Had to go to California Adventure instead of Disney as Disney closed due to the crowds. Never seen so many people in one place.

Stayed at my brothers house all week and got to know his 3 daughters.

Went go cart racing, putty golf.

Saw awesome xmas light displays.

Walked the Huntingtom Beach Pier, saw some sights.

Walked almost everyday at my Brothers in Huntington beach. Nice to see blue skies, palm trees, green grass, snow covered mountains.

Weather was great considering this is there rainy season. was in the 50’s 60’s. Only 1 day of rain.

Was an awesome trip and one I will remeber for a lifetime!!

Have a Happy new year everyone!!

California 2010 Xmas 018.jpg

California 2010 Xmas 085.jpg

It was great seeing you Dave. You definitely picked a good time to come. It hasn’t been so clear here for quite awhile!

P.S. it just started to rain again!

I hope you do not have the trouble that you had the last time.

Is it 4 PM or 1 PM?

Glad to see you had a good time David. Must have been nice to meet Jeff and Dom. :):smiley:

Very much a pleasure, made my trip special!!

Glad to see you had a good time. It’s good to reflect what is important in our lives and to spend time with loved ones.

Whats that big round gold colored looking ball in photo one?

I here you, very rare to see in are parts of the country at this time of year.

very nice