My Website: Looking For Ideas

So I get quite of bit of traffic to my website with the limited marketing that I do. I would like to to turn that traffic into more calls. I have done the “bizvelope” thing that NACHI offers a few times but I haven’t implemented some of the recommendations because it just ends up looking like a few of my competitors.

Those of you that get leads from your website, what about yours that differs from mine that gets you calls?

My goal was to keep my website simple, not chalk full of info, and easy to navigate, but I’m also open to ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

Perhaps put on the landing page:
Holiday/New Years Discount!
Take 15% off of your quoted price with mention of this promotion.

People love “discounts”. As Simon once said, it is a powerful word.
If you don’t try it the answer is NO.

Remember that a lot of your ‘traffic’ is usually from ‘Bots’ and ‘Spiders’ crawling your site, so don’t be deceived by unjustified, inflated, high numbers.

Write a few short informational/education blurbs, on separate pages, and mention the city that you work out of or around. That worked great to pull me in clients over the years…the clients said so.

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Great idea! I actually just ordered some custom “gift certificates” that I’m going to drop off to a few realtors I know. 10% off or $50 which ever is greater. They can use them or they can give them to anyone in their office. The website thing is great thought thanks!

I cut about 50% of the traffic numbers for this exact thing.

I do this on my business facebook page. I also copy/paste the same post to my google business page too. I should make a blog page on my website for this practice. Great idea!