My welders made me this blued steel stand for my AR-15 whiskey decanter

The stand the decanter came with was janky plastic.

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how do You fill that thing without spilling whiskey all over the place?

I was worried about it too, but it poured right in without spilling. Whiskey isn’t like water, it’s more like oil in that it pours nicely and controllably.

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For more cool stuff, visit my vault: Welcome to Nicks Man Vault

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That’s cool

I’ve been well oiled with bourbon quite a few times, back in the day. My question is why didn’t you make it yourself? You should certainly have access to the equipment needed and the materials look common enough.

I have only ever found one of these. If you see it buy it. Oldest distillery in the world.
Regular, Red label, Black label, 10 year old, and the 25 year old. This one is the best.
I like the regular the best.

I try to never do anything that I can delegate down. So my welders made it.

Looks like Freedom to me. :us:


there are some very nice Toys in the vault …