My Wife Needs Your Help - Please Read!

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Dear Family and friends,

In November 2001, hundreds of thousands in India to responded to the national call to “Quit Hinduism.” You see, this population of beautiful people, called the Dalits, were known as the ‘Untouchables,” the “Unseeables,” and the “Unapproachables” by the other 2/3s of their country. On this day the Dalits were seeking freedom apart from the heavy yoke their society enforced upon their lives and generation.

Even though they were met with extreme opposition that day, freedom of any form was accepted without coercion. As one Dalit woman put it this way: “Millions of gods did not do us any good, why should we have them.…?” The Dalit community most needs to hear that God UNconditionally loves them. This message is received with disbelief because for 3,000 years they have been told the God doesn’t love them!

For 3,000 years these peoples have been traded, attacked, abused, raped, and victimized. Crimes which even their government fails to acknowledge!

Do you remember a time when you possibly thought that God couldn’t love you? Or imagine for a moment our lives without God’s love? It’s heart breaking.

The time has come to notify the nation and the world that the Dalits are a people! A people who need to be heard and loved.

The Dalit Freedom Network has grouped together with several churches through out the United States to make this happen. My church, Calvary Chapel of Fort Lauderdale, has accepted the call to action and is taking part in bringing hope and healing to each individual heart of the Dalit family.

Next month (October 6-21, 2006), our Women’s Ministry is specifically reaching out to the hurting Dalit women who, because of their circumstances, may be in disbelief of God’s love or who may not even heard of the love and freedom Christ has for them. We will travel, along with a Medical Team, to be the hands and feet of those who believe that this kind of abuse and torture must stop! I have been blessed to be apart of this special team.

Let me explain why….
About a year ago, in my own battles, I cried out to God to please honor me. It was a desperate prayer of hope and deliverance of my own circumstances. And God is faithful.

Previously, a part of my private prayer request was for God to show me where He wants to use me; what ministry? That evening, July 18, 2004, God honored my cry with Isaiah 58:7:

“Is it not to share your bread with the hungry,
And that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out;
When you see the naked, that you cover him,
And not hide yourself from your own flesh?”
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Finally! A calling that I so longed to fulfill! But what did that mean practically?

The answer did not come immediately. It wasn’t until almost a year later while serving in our Women’s Ministry Bible Study that that scripture confirmation come up and not a moment too soon. The Dalit Freedom Network was giving a presentation about the Dalits destructive plight. Immediately, I knew this was God’s leading.

I can empathize with the Dalit women and want to use what the Lord showed me with His love how to truly believe He lives!

**Will you take part? Will you join me? ******

How? There are 2 ways you can participate with me in this Mission:

  1.   Financially. The cost for my trip to India for this mission will be $2,800.00 All of which I will need to raise over this next 2 weeks. **If God moves in your heart to give financially, then answer the call.**  He will certainly bless you for your participation in the freedom of these beautiful women. Check Isaiah 58:8- 9 to see what He promises. 

Make checks payable to Calvary Chapel. My name should NOT appear anywhere on the check, instead please include a piece of paper with the following statement: In support of Nanette Gordon - India Mission trip - October 6 - 21, 2006. Mail check and paper directly to Calvary Chapel, 2401 W. Cypress Creek Road, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309, Attention: Accounting Department.

  1.   **Prayer.** Jesus was clear that in His Name we can move mountains when we call on Him. Pray for freedom in Christ for each Dalit woman. Pray for the safety of the India team that is going as hands and feet of Jesus to show His love. 

God bless you! And thank you for taking the time in prayer to consider this cause part of your own

Humbled by His Will and Grace,
Nanette Gordon

Thank you to all who have emailed me. Your Prayers and support in this really shows me your hearts!

As far as the few who have asked about the possibility of a PayPal Donation, PLEASE note that in order to get the Tax Deduction you MUST write the check to our church. Unfortunately that is the only way!

Thank you again!