My wife spent 4 hours in a hotel with Joe Ferry last nite!

She said he was pretty good too. Lucky for me it was Joe’s Law and Disorder seminar.:wink:

What a gal I have. She stood in for me because I could not make it. See you at the Sugar Land TAREI conference Joe.

Cool, I’m scheduled for the one here in Austin tomorrow evening.

Not to worry John; Joe is like me . . . OLD!

Hey, John, T2B!

Just great to see you here. Been a while. Hope you picked up some biz from the folks I spoke with at the MT conference a couple weeks back!

As far as you know! :mrgreen:

How was the presentation?

I wish we could bring this to Colorado.
I checked his seminar dates for November, and its mostly Texas…:frowning:

maybe next year?

Did he deliver properly? :mrgreen: