My wifes first deer

Two nice deer taken in northern Arizona.

Diane's deer.JPG

Gary's deer.JPG

8 pointer? … real nice, especially for her first.

Both deer are actually 4 x 3

At least those are real 4x3. Not like those whimpy White tail hunters back east that count anything bigger than a pimple as a point…:mrgreen:

Blitzen? How dare you unbalance the sleigh!

Nice big bodied deer.

I love to see the way mulies run. boing, boing, boing…

Congrats, they will look great on the wall! My wife got her first deer with my pick up:twisted:

Nice deer Gary. I only saw 1 this season which was a doe.

Charles, getting it with the pickup means you don’t have to drag it so far!

Great Gary

Move over, Governor Palin!