Update… Just changed new domain to

Any suggestions?

The only big disadvantage is that staffers can’t promote that particular domain name. They won’t even refer to it anywhere. That’s a huge disadvantage.

Who’s Nachi?

Also note that there is NO mention of an “iNachi” in existence. Many have created this ‘slang’ acronym out of pure laziness to typeor the inability to utter a complete word!

Honestly, the design is so poor that I would have to assume the event is not worth attending.

It’s purpose is to give out verbally as an easy to remember domain for those
who want more details on some of the events and freebies that I promote
from time to time. It is written as a reference blog, so to speak (an information

If someone has a better domain name, I would love to hear it. The design of
the page is intended to be a fast list with links to more information.

Just changed new domain to www.Inspector.News has been updated. Thanks for the advise guys.

New Domain is…