Mysterious Crawlspace

I was inspecting a crawlspace yesterday which was one of the best crawlspaces I’ve ever been in. It was 3 feet high with insulated walls. The humidity ranged around the 50% mark. There were no moisture stains of any kind. It had a functioning dehumidifier. Strangely enough, though, this crawlspace smelled very musty and this smell permeated through the entire home. The only potential issues I found causing this was no ventilation, damaged stucco throughout the exterior and no sump pump (they had a drain which drained water out of the pit to the town sewer line). Has anyone found a similar crawlspace with no apparent source of odor?

Yes My Daughters Home ,She had us Buy the home for her and her husband , They only saw pictures we sent them in Germany , Being posted back to Canada they needed a home .This won as the most perfect home we ever saw 12 years old .49 inches high CS and also had a floor drain .
The only fix was a Condensate pump for the furnace .

PS …This all happened in five hours via e-mails . We sent her 70 pictures of the home.
When she got home she said Oh Dad it is even better then we thought it would be .
The person did not like the floors had put in new hardwood Did not like th colour of the roof had put on new shingles .
All this on a causual drive on a Sunday and the owner saw us looking and took us throught the home .




Describe the vapor barrier.

The floor was concrete with no vapour barrier. The walls were Logix (permanent styro forms on both sides). Half the walls had interior vapour barrier and half did not. There was no barrier at the floor joists.

Where is the ductwork ran?

Did it have a p-trap?

And what is keeping the trap primed?

There was no P-trap. The pipe was just a straight pipe running into the concrete. I couldn’t see much of it. There was no sewer smell, just a musty, mold-like odor.

Hmm, seems like a tough one to pinpoint the source of the smell. Interested to see what others think.

James Khan
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This sounds suspiciously like a closed and possibly conditioned crawlspace. If the side walls are insulated (even with leaving the band un-insulated) and the slab is insulated it is possible. Normally the band would be insulated and a 3-6 inch strip at the top of the block is left uncovered for termite inspections. There should also be a supply duct and a return cut into the floor somewhere. Your photos do not show enough of the crawlspace to be sure.