Mystery Box

Does anyone know what this is? It was padlocked, so I couldn’t see in it, but it appeared to be between the main panel and a subpanel in a “new” addition. Main house is from 1900 and the addition is from 2002

Did the home have an elevated septic system?

I too suspect a septic alarm.

Yes I agree also.

It was on public sewer, but it did have a “grinder” in the front yard as the agent stated. She said everyone in that town has one – first time I’d been to that area. Must be some kind of alarm for that then, huh?

Residential Grinder for a tie-in to Municipal system.
Becoming common place in this area as the perception is that these type systems are less expensive to install…
Maintaining them is another story…

Grinder pump for sure. We have a lot of them here. Most basements on city sewer have them in my area.

Andrew Constantine
Rock Hill Home Inspector :roll:

Not many grinder pumps left around here in KC, but I see some every once in a while. All should have alarms such as the one in your picture. Most are maintained by the county. Check with your local county office. Standards on these alarms vary by state/county. Everytime I see one I make a note of it, and defer. When I see a grinder pump in a basement, even when it pumps waste to a main sewer, and has no alarm, again, I make a note of it.

Thank you for all the info guys…you’ve been a big help