Mystery Device on Filter


Two issues here.

Mystery device would be an air freshner.

Filter is installed backwards.

You’re no fun

At InterNACHI, we’re working on a way to tell a lot about a house by the filter. Our plan is to provide members with the option to ship us their client’s dirty filter and get a report about the house that can be added to the inspection report.

lol I will have few dandy’s for you .

Nick we can do a DNA test from vacuum testing here is that what your looking at?

This one looks like suede. Does that mean they are rich?

Hey Nick… How about you run this one through your scanner!


It is an air freshener.

No kidding. :roll::roll:

This one smelled of rejection and neglect.

Me too

Too funny

I think someone flipped this one over because it was too dirty on one side