Mystery Inspector: More Wasteful Framing

A small development in Massachusetts shows that even builders in a state with one of the most advanced energy codes in the nation are still stuck in yesterday’s framing systems—the ‘we’ve always done it this way’ system.

If you are a builder and you see this on one of your job sites, it should look like your money going out the window. A missed savings opportunity. If you picked this framing sub because the price was 25% lower than the guy who knows what advanced framing is, then you broke even financially and your customers got short-changed.

The rest of the story…

Builder has alot of great articles…when I can get time to actually read them, which is not too often.

Yes they do.

Looks like 2x6 walls maybe- at the exterior wall in pic that would allow better insulation in the up north area the story is about. Even if thry are only 2x4 walls, then what is your point Roy, besides pointing to a link, that I have no desire to read the entire story? Framing at 16" oc at exterior walls here is regarded as the way to go here, you just don’t do exterior load bearing walls at 24" oc. Do not see that on new home constrcution around here. Nothing wrong w/ old fashioned farming that I have no problem with. 16" oc walls at exterior and maybe 24" oc if not 16" oc at interior walls. I would never post a link to a different part of the country that I know nothing about. Just sayin… that I don’t see your point. Frame looks good in pic. What’s your knowledgeable point w/o referring to a link?

What’s your knowledgeable point?