Mystery Man

Hi there.

My name is Matthew Sheehan, 23 years old from Nova Scotia.

I am posting here today in the hopes that someone on here will be able to help me in a life or death situation. Before I begin I want to establish now I am not some random person trying to seek attention or someone trying to cause any sort of trouble. Any claim I make from herein is true and I can back it all up with necessary evidence, if necessary. I’m going to try and keep this story as short and sweet as possible. If anyone decides to help me, I will go into the specifics with them.

My story goes back to October 2010, my girlfriend and I rented an apartment in an apartment building in town. Now, from the very day I moved in we had breathing difficulties. Runny noses everyday, we developed rashes and I had eye infections straight through until Febuary.

Now, I was never really educated on Mould so I never even considered it to be an issue or even thought about it. Anyway, things really took a turn for the worst in Febuary. I was diagnosed with what is called Episcleritis. A minor inflammation of the sclera of the eye. I was given Prednisilone to treat it. That’s a corticosteroid eye drop. Over the month I developed double vision and EXTREME headaches. I was experiencing minor headaches since December, to make note. These headaches leave me with two options. Scream until I pass out from the sheer pain of them, or passout from vomiting from the shock of the pain. Or both really. I spent over $400 in three weeks on pain medications. None of them worked.

Finally after seeing a few doctors, they discovered I had inflammation of 6th cranial nerve and well as the cerebellum of my brain.

Anyway, from that point on I have been in and out of the hospital. I have been tested for EVERY disease on the planet, I am not joking. I have seen every specialist you can think of. Not one person has an answer for me.

This is where someone from here comes in, eventually I started to suspect environmental causes. My Uncle has been a contractor for over 30 years. He currently works for Canada Mortage and Housing. He learned his trade from my Grandfather who was a building inspector as well as a contractor. So, my family has carpentry roots. He inspected the apartment I was living in and in his words said “It’s littered with Mold.” which I certainly believe. The building has extensive water damage.

Now, I have been to everybody anybody government-wise about this issue. And you guys would believe (or maybe you would) some of the foolishness I have encountered. No one will acknowledge the mould. My Uncle is considered by the federal government as their top mould expert, infact he’s removing mould from a house as I type this. Unfortunately, he is not technically certified. Has the skills, yes. The papers to show it, no.

Now, back to my situation. Mould is a known immuno-supressant. It’s used in some meds. However, if I was to take an eye that has been immuno supressed for months, put one of the most powerful immuno supressant eye drops of the market on it…well, that would causes an auto-immune response. The inflammation spread to my brain and…headaches.

I still suffer from these headaches and I’m on serious medications for them. My doctors have dubbed me the “Mystery Man”. The man who can’t be diagnosed. The only thing left for them is a brain biopsy. They want to cut open the left side of my head, drain my spinal fluid through my back. Lift up my brain and then cut a piece out. Unfortunately, the medications which I’m on to keep me alive make the chance of infection, bleeding, damage and death very high. So, I’m literally suffering everyday. The worst part is I’m going blind. Everytime I have a headache, I lose more and more of my vision. My pills also make it so I can barely be mobile anymore. They’re destroying my skin, appearance and health…all so I don’t have to feel pain but, they are not 100%. As I said…I do still get headaches.

I have lost the ability to work and I have lost my independence. I’m only 23 years old and I have nothing to fall back on. The only thing stopping me from finally fixing this ordeal is a Certified Mould Expert. I have said I was tested for every disease on the planet but, there was one thing they will not test me for. Environmental Causes. I have pictures of mushrooms literally growing out of the baseboards of this building and doctors glance at them and don’t comment. When I push it further they either get angry or brush it off. If I had a Mould Expert check the building and confirm what is definitely mould and if I could find out what types…I might be able to get the treatments I need to get better or even just to live. There are other people getting sick in the building but, no one will do anything. Just one person with some letters by their name can save my life and the lives of others. Someone needs to put an end to this sick building.

This story is MUCH more in depth then what’s posted but, I know how cruel some people can be so I’m hesitant to share too much information until I know someone is willing to help me. If anyone has any questions I will answer them to the best of my ability.

I live everyday in the fear of the headache that finally makes me go blind. This is truly my last hope, if there is anyone on here who has a heart and is willing to help me, please contact me. Again, I confirm anything said with the proper evidence. (Old e-mail I made when I was 13, thus the naming.)

I’m sorry if I posted in the wrong place, Canadian Inspectors seemed like a wise choice.