Mystery PDF Page Break

I added a new Section to the Components container (so I could add a Conclusion page).

I put all of my text in the Introduction part of the Section; the Styles and Materials, and the Inspection Items are blank.

Upon uploading, and viewing the PDF, a section break is being inserted after the section header and before the start of the text.

How can I get rid of this page break?

ETA: There is also a rogue page break being added before this Section that I need to get rid of. Yes, I have the ‘Insert Page Breaks Between Each Section…’ turned off in the Print Options.

You should probably obfuscate and post the PDF.

‘Obfuscate’? People who are familiar with HG will know what I’m talking about.

At any rate, I gave up and resorted to using the Back Page. Would have rather been able to give the page my own title, and have it numbered sequentially with the report.

There are definitely issues with respect to paragraph and font formatting. Pretty frustrating not having more control over both, and having things look different on the desktop, the html upload, and the pdf.

Join our Facebook HG user group. There will probably be someone there to help you. Link is in my signature.

Thanks, Frank.

Appreciate the invite.

Hi Phillip, definitely call in during the week on this one and see if Mike in our office can look to see what is happening with the odd page break. We design our report output with html or web presentations and our report uses css (style sheets) etc. A PDF is secondary to the way we deliver the report. 828-254-2030