Mystery roofing in high flow area?

My neighbors recently replaced their roof after hail damage and have this stuff in a very high flow area. I can’t seem to find anything on what this is or if it is underlayment left bare by bad roofers who forgot to put shingles down. Any ideas?

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It looks like rolled roofing that will wear out much faster than the shingles. And, faster yet in a high flow area.

Google “rolled roofing”.


Thank you Larry , I’m familiar with roll roofing and I couldn’t imagine a “professional” roofer would ever use that in conjunction with class 3 architectural shingles! That stuff is worthless.


kinda looks like smooth torch down roofing. but stupid to install it like that. should just use ice and water shield and shingle over.
Really goes back to bad roofing design on the architect.

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