They are at it again, this time they are sending a water heater thru 2 stories. Should be fun 11/18/09 9:00est:D

when I was training for boilers they a used this as an example of what can happen…I remember seeing pictures of how many floors it went through reinforced concrete.
They used to make us test the boilers and limits using a dead man switch. The reason it is called a dead man switch was because if you died your hand would release the switch and cancel it test.the problem was the Tech’s would tape the switch and go for coffee. I still have my old dead man switch in the toolbox. I tell people about hot water tanks they look at me like I’m crazy. I even found one with plug in the relief valve. The homeowner just said it was always leaking so he plugged it. I often wonder why it isn’t a requirement to have a pressure gauge on tanks but then again nobody would look at. I love watching that show their great little crazy though.

They show the episodes in the Netherlands much earlier than they air here. I’ve already seen it, and it’s pretty impressive. I wish there was a way we could get footage and pictures from the show for a InterNACHI article.

Don’t forget these guys are at it again tonight

I loved the water heater rockets…