Myths About Palin

I say where there is smoke there is fire, time will tell.

The smoke screen of you promoting Mr Punk-Little-Kid Anti-Gun Socialist Obama,
is the main problem you have with smoke right now. :mrgreen:

You don’t even like the little slime bag :wink: and you know it.


Right now the only important thing is that I like you, the rest will work itself out. :smiley:

PRINCETON, NJ – Barack Obama’s advantage over John McCain has been shrinking since the start of the Republican National Convention, and is now down to just two percentage points – 47% to 45% – too close to call. This is according to Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Wednesday through Friday, Sept. 3-5.

Anyone have the numbers that watched the conventions? I can’t think of the group that does this survey! I wanted to know Obamas viewing audience and how badly he beat McCain. I would also know Palins and Bidens. Overall would not hurt as well although I am assuming the Dem’s had more viewers than the repubs. Could answer some questions as to where the race is going!

Where the race is going? Silly boy, the race is just begun!

I posted them somewhere. Try to keep up Randy;-)

From memory

42.4 million watched McCain’s acceptance speech

42.4 million watched Obama’s acceptance speech

Most watch RNC ever

LOL… ditto that back to ya…:mrgreen:


I already told you guys in a post somewhere I can’t keep up! Slow down;-)

It would be nice to put all of this political discussion into one thread!:mrgreen:

Then it would be a rope!

Ken you mean you haven’t seen the latest brain fart from Obama on You Tube? Slip of the tongue by BHO about Muslim faith you’ve been talking about!
Its on one of these thousand political threads! Check it out!

From anyone else but you that would be funny.

There is always an up tick in survey numbers following a convention. Let’s see what filters out in a couple of weeks or three. It is going to be interesting to say the least. This is one election that people are finally taking seriously and discussing both sides. Finally.