It’s up and running. Check it out:

Ray I think you forgot the w’s

No it’s not.

I would never guess that RR would have a website with ***** on it.

Let me rephrase that: I would never guess that RR would have a website with putty on it.

For the slower nonmembers: I replaced the ss with tt.

snoball need 's a playmate.
green eye (Small).jpg

Nope. Not needed.

How come? I’m not prejudiced.

Try again, grasshopper. www won’t get you there, though.

But it has nothing but putty on it.

And isn’t she a cute putty?


You took my advice, good for you! :wink:

There are at least a couple of other people that I listen to in addition to my wise old grandmother. :smiley:


The reason I mentioned it is I was unable to get connected to your site.

Hey, snoball.

Wanna join me over at You can. Come visit and I’ll tell you how.


I was probably playing with the site. I’ll be playing with it on a regular basis, so check in often and visit my wise old grandmother. It’s my way of getting back into the down and dirty of the Internet web coding and design world after being away for 10 years.

I’m tired of depending on other people to do what I want to do, so my wise old grandmother, once again, is helping me do some things that I haven’t done in ten years. And ten years in technology is like the Big Bang all over again. Another certain NACHI member is going to help me take to the next level, hopefully as a business partnership, and I’m also going to be creating a couple of other web sites for various business purposes.

I have a picture of my wise old grandmother, which I’ll be posting over at](, but I moved a lot of stuff into a secure fire-proof location during the fires and haven’t moved them back yet since fire season is still upon us here. Additionally, there’s four more fire seasons that affect everyone; see (members only).

Good for you Russel!!

I will visit.
Just remember, that I have a thing for red.