N2352 Water Heater Outlet

these were installed on the inlet, outlet and balance line between 2 water heaters installed parallel. date of installation was 1997.

any idea what these are and what their purpose is?

Those are just ball valves. They are refrigeration sytle ball valves, however, which are a tad expensive for this use. Under that removable cap is a square stem that you jack open or closed. The installer might have been mostly into refrigeration and had these at hand, or prefers to use them for some reason. If he was using them to balance the system by some means, the selection of this type of valve might have been to prevent tampering. I think that might be a Parker part number, but I’m not sure.

there was a stamping of N2352 on the body of the units.

I can’t seem to find that number, but that is definitely a full port ball valve of a style typically used for refrigerants. The popular manufacturers of such valves are Sporlan(Parker), Mueller Industries, and Danfoss. That particular one in your picture eludes me.


Good Call Marc.

I just looked at those pictures again and noticed that the installer also used the refrigeration 90’s. Must have been a refrigeration guy. What a waste of money.

There may also be a situation with the galvanized pipe coming off the black malible (at the “T” fitting) in picture #1, if that is a gas line.

Yes, it’s always good to look a little closer when one sees retail price tags attached. :wink: